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Home Plan Drafting was established to provide an outstanding and affordable Cad solution to Architects, Builders, and Home Owners. The principal is a Licensed Architect in the State of Texas, USA, and has worked on a variety of projects, both Residential and Commercial for the past 20 years. He has worked on educational, commercial and residential projects and has 25 years experience. I am a licensed Texas Architect offering low cost, high quality custom house plan design and houseplans. This is a full set of plans and includes all the drawings listed below. I am 5 star rated on google and 5 star rated on service magic as well.

How do I start?

Please scan and send your sketches, images of houses that appeal to you, plans that you like, and a list of rooms that you want with their approximate sizes. I also need to know what ceiling heights you want and what materials you wish to use on the exterior.

What will you be giving me?

I will be sending you pdf files formatted to print on 24 x 36 paper that you can take to any printing shop to make as many prints as you need.

Whats included?

I offer unlimited design revisions during the initial period, once the plans and elevations are approved we will move on to the rest of the drawings. Changes after design approval if small will be no charge, complex or major changes will be billed hourly at $16/hr.

Whats not included?

I am not a structural engineer, and do not offer structural calculations or foundation design, steel reinforcement layouts and floor and roof calculations. These are normally done by an engineer licensed in your state and were unclear to a couple of previous customers.

What are the roles of the people necessary to build my house?

Architect does this: Designs and draws plans, elevations, sections and details necessary to give general construction outline. Aims for an artistic expression of the house and satisfaction of all the desired needs.

Structural engineer does this:Using the information in a soils report detailing the allowable bearing strength of your soil, will design the foundation size, floor joists, roof, connectors, shear walls and connections, tie-downs at floors and roof, beams where needed, and critical details.

Mechanical engineer does this:Calculates the volume of air needed to cool and heat the house based on house siting and orientation, microclimate, amount of insulation used in the house, type of windows proposed ( single pane, double pane, gas filled etc.) and other factors. Will recommend different types of systems according to your unique conditions and budget. Will perform energy load calculations such as title 24 and rescheck.

Builder does this:Some large builders have their own crews doing all parts of the house construction. Smaller builders will sub contract each part out to others. Some parts typically sub contracted include: site leveling, concrete forming and pouring, framing, sheet rock, plumbing, electrical, mechanical (air conditioning), painting, carpet, tiles, and cabinetry.


I start with your ideas and sketches, photos and magazine clippings and work with you until your design objectives are reached. With online screen sharing distance is not a problem. Call or email for a free consultation. A full set of Custom House plans at 50 cents per sq. ft.


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