How to Start

Scan and send your site plan, send your notes, requirements, materials, images and pictures. Make a 50% retainer payment. Let me know where you will be building and who it the permitting authority. Agree on a time frame, and email me your contact info. I will send you an invoice for the agreed upon retainer and will start once payment is made.

I start at your starting point, whereever you are in the process.If you have a site and a sketch you are on your way. If you have used some house plan software you are further down the road.
I need to know how many rooms and what type of rooms you want, and a rough idea of their size.
What is your budget, and have you selected a contractor.
What type of air conditioning/ heating do you plan on using?
Please send a plot plan or survey of your land. Do you know what the setbacks are for your property?
Do you need any special considerations? Handicap accessibility? sight empairment? Let me know.
What type of foundation - slab on grade, crawlspace, full basement, walkout basement?
How high are the ceilings? What are the walls made of? It is common to have 2x6 exterior walls to allow more insulation, and use 2x4 interior walls.
What materials do you want to use?
Do you want to use "stick built" framing or premanufactured trusses? ( floor and roof).


I start with your ideas and sketches, photos and magazine clippings and work with you until your design objectives are reached. With online screen sharing distance is not a problem. Call or email for a free consultation. A full set of Custom House plans at 50 cents per sq. ft.


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